Joint Brands




Recruitment of Distribution Partners




Shanghai LEANON Office System Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2001 to provide a total solution for work space, including office space planning, smart office systems, as well as the sales, installation and after-sales maintenance of work space to customers, by studying the modern office environment as well as researching and developing the corresponding products. LEANON Shanghai headquarters will build regional brands and achieve core competitiveness for distribution partners. Provide all-round support and assistance including: Talent Gathering, professional training, enterprise development strategy, etc.


Talent Gathering:

1.Hr of headquarters assists in recruitment.

2.Hr of headquarters shares the training strategy


Improving the ability

1.Professional products training.

2.Sales process and skills training.

3.Customer management system guidance.

4.Marketing management system guidance.

5.The working process of office standard.


Create culture:

1.Formulation of salary and bonus management measures in line with the competitive advantages of the industry.

2.Formulate the employee incentive plan for effectively gathering talents.


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