LEANON ShangHai Showroom achieved WELL Certificated GOLD!


In September 2019, LEANON ShangHai Showroom achieved the WELL GOLD Certification, becoming the one of 34 gold projects in China, and also one of the first office projects in the office furniture industry to get the WELL GOLD Certification.

On October 25, 2019, the awarding ceremony was held in LEANON ShangHai Showroom.2

Zhuang Yong General Manager of LEANON/ Mr. Tony Armstrong, senior vice president of IWBI Asia

What is WELL?

WELL is premised on a holistic view of health: human health as not only a state of being free of disease – which is indeed a fundamental component of health – but also of the enjoyment of productive lives from which we derive happiness and satisfaction. Healthy spaces protect us from that which can make us sick, promote practices that can keep us well, and facilitate opportunities for us to connect with one another and live our lives to the fullest. We aspire to advance healthy buildings for all. This has been our mission since we launched WELL in 2014, but today we know a lot more about how to achieve it. We’ve learned alongside our customers, early adopters of the healthy buildings movement and brave pioneers on the frontier of human-centered design. To create this new version of WELL, we did a lot of research and a lot of listening. We tried to channel all that we learned and all that we heard into a product that is more accessible, more adaptable and more equitable, while still anchored by the latest scientific and medical knowledge.



Mr. Zhuang Yong, general manager of LEANON, said: “I remember that in October 2015, we were faced with the problem of how to learn more about the market of office furniture industry in the future. It was the first time that we knew WELL when deciding our future development direction and strategy. At that time, I saw that the concept of WELL was very comprehensive. At that time, I thought that was what we needed. In the design of the Showroom in 2017, we integrated the concept of WELL into the air purifier, water and furniture materials. In this process, I would like to thank KEKUN’s team and IWBI’s team for helping us understand and implement the well concept in the Showroom. Of course, we also want to thank Mr. Jin and our colleagues for their cooperation, so that the Showroom can successfully obtain the gold certification. Finally, I would like to say that we have already felt more well-being brought to us by well, and our LEANON team, together with IWBI and KEKUN team, will bring the concept of WELL to the market, bringing more indoor healthy well-being to more people. “4

Zhuang Yong General Manager of LEANON


For Mr. Zhuang Yong’s speech, Mr. Tony Armstrong, senior vice president of IWBI Asia, expressed the same vision and view: “although I have only visited for a short time since today, I still see a lot of innovative products and solutions, which I haven’t seen in my previous work, and I also think these things lead the office space       to the direction of development. When we choose two companies with similar benefits and salaries, the good or bad office environment becomes an important factor in the development of which company to go to. For us, office space may bring us some occupational injuries. Due to the irrationality of office furniture on ergonomics, it causes harm to human body, and WELL is to improve human health problems from these perspectives, so this is also the place where well can bring benefits to society and people. Shanghai is currently the city with the largest number of well certification projects in the world. I also hope that LEANON can work with our IWBI to make our well-being better and better. At the same time, thanks to LEANON and KEKUN for providing very good technical services for our project. “.5

Mr. Tony Armstrong, senior vice president of IWBI Asia


LEANON ShangHai Showroom of nearly one thousand square meters presents a complete “people-oriented” organic office experience space, which fully demonstrates the vision of LEANON office system for the common health and sustainable development of enterprises and employees, as well as the thinking of creating an office space with innovative aesthetics and healthy environmental protection for enterprise customers.6

LEANON ShangHai Showroom  Brainstorming area


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After the awarding ceremony, IWBI representatives visited and experienced the Showroom project.789

Live photo



Zhengrui Wu Director of IWBI Asia/Yan Jin Vice General Manager of LEANON/ Mr. Tony Armstrong, Senior Vice President of IWBI Asia/ Zhuang Yong General Manager of LEANON/Zhuang Qiang General Manager of Kekun