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Incorporated in 1985, DAS has completely occupied the leading position in the field of professional financial desks and control center equipments on a global scale, through its outstanding performance at design, manufacture and installation. Up to now, it has provided 80,000 professional trading desks for nearly 500 customers from more than 51 countries. DAS pays special attention to listening to the needs of customers, and creating professional solutions appropriate for enterprise development for them.   The customers of DAS have not only included 90% enterprises in FTSE 100, but also well-known financial institutions, government agencies and control centers from all over the world.   DAS not only provides professional equipments, and it is also the industry expert of financial desks...



As Japan’s No.1 office furniture and equipment brand, OKAMURA enjoys a long history and always takes the lead in product R&D and technology innovation. As the domestic medium-and-high-end professional office furniture brand, LEANON has always been committed to creating the most cutting-edge, most comfortable and most healthy office environment for customers. Just because of such coincidence of brand philosophy, the common ideas on product R&D, and the common goal on market expanding of the parties, LEANON has determined to introduce the excellent products and ideas of OAMURA into domestic market, enabling more customers to enjoy world-class office experience. Now, LEANON has introduced the chair Sabrina, which has been newly designed by Giugiaro Design Team at the invitation of OKAMURA. With...